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Get the Sleep, Lose the Tears

Pediatric sleep course, community & coaching

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Finally, A Solution Everyone Can Afford!

For those of you who want to learn all about healthy, gentle sleep approaches you can implement yourself without the huge upfront investment, I have an option for YOU!!

Here is what it includes:

-Access to my Get The Sleep, Lose The Tears course (1.5 hours of content and valued at $150!)!

-Group Q&A facebook support.

-Guest expert Q&A and filmed recordings every quarter of the year.

-Access to a new, comprehensive explanation of every major GENTLE sleep coaching/shaping method out there to help you decide which approach is right for you and your baby (coming this month!)!

ALL FOR $50/MONTHLY fixed-rate (then the fixed rate goes up). That is the price of ONE sleep book purchased with the benefit of multiple books, group support, professional support, AND guest expert knowledge!


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Never too early for healthy sleep

Its never too early to start learning how to support the body to optimize sleep for the entire family!

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Sleep shaping strategies 0-6 mo

Sleep shaping strategies are designed for babies younger than 6 months old; whose nervous system and brains aren't quite developed yet for amore structured sleep approaches.

Hearts & Dreams

Get the sleep. Lose the tears.

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sleep help 6months-6years

Learn the most recent, gentle, evidence based approach to helping your 6 month old to 6 year old sleep better than he/she ever has before!

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A holistic approach

With guest professional recordings from, lactation consultants, chiropractors, Occupational therapist, pediatric holistic will be receiving perspective on sleep from numerous professonals!

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Take it one month at a time. Cancel any time.

Customers Testimonials

These are from real parents just like you who were stuck in the cycle of sleepless nights.

Our son went from needing someone to fall asleep next to him and waking multiple times a night to literally reaching for his crib at the end of his bedtime routine and sleeping through the night. He now sleeps 11 hours a night and goes down easily for his naps in his crib.
Balancing a respect for my attachment parenting philosophy while methodically solving Hank's sleep problems with a quiet confidence, Myra was the calm amidst the storm.
New Mexico
Because of Myra I was able to enhance my connection with my baby and enjoy him more thoroughly (through rested eyes). She has saved my sanity on more days than I can count.
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Hi, I'm Myra

As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, I work with families to help their children sleep well using gentle, evidence-based, proven methods, allowing mom and dad the “room” to get the sleep they desperately need. I am passionate about empowering and helping other families with sleep struggles and guiding and supporting them into restful nights. I am a certified Gentle Sleep Consultant, certified and trained by Kim West, AKA “The Sleep Lady.” 


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